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Need Node.js developers in London?

DevOps Agency can assess your needs and provide you with freelance/contract Node.js developers right away.

Whether you're looking to take developers in-house or need them to work remotely we can supply developers to suit your needs.

Running Node allows us to handle thousands of concurrent connections and requests with minimal overhead. Teaming Node with database software such MongoDB allows us to quickly create extremely complex and blisteringly fast web applications with ease.

The Node community is extremely active and provide hundreds of libraries and plugins that give us the freedom to create almost any project that you can dream up however ambitious it is.

If you need Node.js developers that are based in London or surrounding areas then just fill out our Contact Form below.

How DevOps Agency works

DevOps Agency's rigorous vetting process removes the risks and guarantees the best DevOps Developers at competitive daily rates.

100% Developers
Communication solely with developers, not recruiters!
100% Transparency
Clear pricing structures, available to all parties.
Contract Management
Digitally signed contracts: extending contracts is simple.
Time sheet Management
Time sheets signed off digitally.


Jordan Leigh

Jordan, currently working as a Node.js Developer at Ecotricity, is the Chief Technology Officer of DevOps Agency.

Jordan established DevOps Agency as a secondary business in conjunction with his freelance company. The business was born through a combination of an ever increasing number of work requests and limited capacity.

Jordan therefore, through DevOps Agency, can continue to take on and manage new projects or provide clients with high level developers to be used in-house.

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